School Visits & Presentations Have stories, will travel.
Michael Hale is available for School Visits, Presentations & Story Times. Engaging students with interactivity, humor & visual content. Tailored Presentations to fit the interests of Students K through 12. Pre-K & Kindergarten Story Times, Drawing Demos and a day in the life of a Zoo Keeper. Grades 1-3 Story Time, a day in the life of an Author/Illustrator, STEAM based presentations for each book.. With "Bad Monkey Business": Monkeys vs. Apes. An introductory into all things simian. What makes an ape and the differences between old and new world monkeys. With "Fast Freddie": Let’s Stay Alive In The Desert. Offensive and defensive strategies. How animals have adapted to survive in the Sonoran Desert and why it good to be an ectotherm in desert. Grades 4-12 (Variations are made in content based on grade level.) A day in the life of an Author/Illustrator, An examination of creative writing & illustration as a career. Writing: Every story needs it's bones. An introductory into story structure and the rules of creative writing. Illustration & Writing: The marriage of pictures & words. Visual storytelling, from picture books, comics & graphic novels to television and the movies... visual stories are much different than words on a page. Art: A day in the life of a working Illustrator. What goes into creating a picture book or graphic novel, from concept to the finished book on the shelf. Classroom to Assembly: 30 minutes to an hour or more. Michael can be flexible on honorariums if books can be sold during his visit. If you would like schedule a visit to your school or event, please send him a request. Reviews: Michael Hale is not only a talented author and illustrator, but also a brilliant presenter. Michael engaged our group throughout his presentation. Michael used props and invited participation from the audience and expertly kept the attention of the group. Showing off his illustrating skills, Michael drew silly new characters on a large easel pad based on suggestions from the audience. Invite Michael to your next children’s reading event! Ashley Pedersen Tucson Botanical Gardens What a pleasure and honor it was to have author and illustrator, Michael Hale, speak to my class of 8th-grade students at Shea Middle School. We all enjoyed learning about how children's books are made and the idea of writing for the kid inside all of us. Thank you again!! Rebecca Kabaj Shea Middle School On behalf of my art foundation students, I would like to thank Michael for his excellent presentation. We learned a lot about the process of creating children's books, and illustration. It was especially interesting to see his original work, which he graciously shared with my class. My students were quite complimentary of the presentation, which is a reflection of the quality of Michael's work, and his ability to connect with my students. Thanks again for taking the time to inspire my students. George Conley Creative Arts Department Chair Payson Unified School District